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Autumn in Hunza – Simply Spellbinding

Hunza valley and its capital Karimabad, present a stunning site that is out of this world. On the one hand there is the might and the majesty of numerous peaks, a number of them above 7000 meters and on the other, the colorful abundance of the terraced fields. As you gaze up the towering and glorious Rakaposhi peak and look down at the fast flowing Hunza River crisscrossing through the Hunza valley, you will need a pinch or two to come out of the state of bewilderment.
Autumn is the time of the year when landscape of Hunza valley looks just like a painting. The trees throughout the valley seem to be on fire, as their leaves turn to golden, red, orange and bronze contrasting sharply with rocky mountains, their tops covered with snow and emerald green water of river snaking through the valley. It is a photographer’s dream come true, hence this tour will provide you the golden opportunity to capture the most fascinating autumn scenery through the lens of your camera.


Best Time to Visit: Late October and early November

Trip Duration: 5 to 6 day trip from Islamabad

Category: Nature Tourism/ Recreational Tourism

IJPL organize 5 and 6 days group tours from Islamabad

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