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Trekking Expedition to the Base Camp of – K2

This trek has some of the planet’s most amazing scenery, in a procession of mind-blowing rock towers and shining peaks all the way to K2 Base Camp
Surely one of those rare treks which a real trekking enthusiast and mountain lover cannot afford to miss, as it truly is, a once in a lifetime experience. This physically demanding but technically easy trek to K2 (8611 Mt), locally known as Chogori, involves 12 days of glacier trekking and is one of the most visually stunning treks offered in Pakistan, unmatched by any other mountain areas of the world.
It is indeed a pilgrimage to pay respect to Chogori, the King of the Karakurum Mountains and the second highest peak in the World. The trail leading to its Royal courtroom is really impressive and befitting, passing through one of the "World’s biggest museum of shapes and sizes" as described by one of the visitors. The mind boggling scale and size of the mountains and monolithic towers of Muztagh (7273 Mts.), Cathedrals (5866 Mts.), Trango (6286 Mts.) and many other giants guarding the way to K-2 along the Baltoro glacier is unmatched in the world and the panoramic vistas from Concordia, the meeting of five glaciers and the largest concentration of glaciers in the world outside the polar regions, are really awe inspiring, almost humbling!


Best Time to Visit: June to August

Trip Duration: 18 to 21 day trip from Islamabad

Category: Adventure Tourism/ Nature Tourism

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