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Kalash – the ancient Pagan

The Kalash are ancient pagan tribe living in the three valleys of Chitral in mountainous North West of Pakistan. Their religion is based on myths and superstitions that relate to the relationship between the human soul and the universe. They celebrate four major festivals commemorating seasonal change and significant events in agro–pastoral life by offering sacrifices on altars, cooking traditional meals and dancing to traditional music during the week long events. Chillmjusht is one of such festivals which held from 13 to 16 May every year. In this traditional festival people of Kalash community seek the blessing of gods and goddesses for the safety of their herds and crops.
This centuries old traditional culture of Kalash people need to be preserved and there is need to promote eco-friendly and culture friendly tourism based on the guidelines and best practices of sustainable tourism.


Best Time to Visit: Mid May

Trip Duration: 6 to 7 days trip from Islamabad

Category: Nature Tourism/ Cultural Tourism/Photography

IJPL organize 6 and 7 days group tours from Islamabad.

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