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Trekking Expedition to the Base Camp of Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi is one of the most beautiful 7000m peaks of Karakuram range located in Gilgit- Balitistan. The shining wall, Rakaposhi lies half way of Nagar from Gilgit town on the right edge of the Karakorum highway at the left bank of Nagar River.
It is one of the magnificent peaks in the world. The peak dominates the horizon and is constantly visible from the Karakorum highway, it looks so beautiful that the first ever glance at it inspires charms and lures an on looker to be in its abode, it is also one of the easy accessible peak being lying on the Karakorum highway.
Famous glacier valleys, such as Biro, Barpu, Bagrot and Pissan surround this peak. We cab arrange a 7 days trekking and camping trip which will take you to the base camp of Rakaposhi from the village of Minapin in Nagar Valley. On this trail porters will carry the camping equipment and heavy luggage while you hike carrying your day pack to a series of camps located at 3000 to 4500 meters from sea level. A unique opportunity for adventure and nature lovers.


Best Time to Visit: Mid May and early September

Trip Duration: 7 days trip from Islamabad

Category: Nature Tourism/ Recreational Tourism

IJPL organize 7 days group tours from Islamabad

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