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Day Trip to Takht-e-Bhai Buddhist Monastery & Hund

Takht-e-Bahi Buddhist Monastery is one of the most impressive and well preserved pieces of Gandhara architecture in Pakistan. It is situated 14 km northwest of Mardan on the road to Swat (2 ½ hour drive from Islamabad). The reputation of Takht-e-Bahi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is based mainly on the extraordinarily good state of preservation and partially on its glorious location. The site itself is located on the northern flanks of a rocky spur rising 150 meters (500ft) above the plains.
On a clear day you can see across the plains as far as Peshawar on one side, and the Malakand pass and the Swat hills on the other. The monastery and stupas were founded in the 1st. Century AD and abandoned in the 7th century AD. You may also enjoy the famous local cuisine of “Chapli Kabab” and tandoori nan from one of the famous restaurants in Takht-e-Bahi bazaar.
Hund is a place near Swabi Interchange on M-1 Motorway, where the ancient trade route crossed the Indus River. It was also the capital of Gandhara in the 10th century. Hund is also where Alexander the Great crossed the Indus River in 327 BC. Alexander's Memorial in the form of a Greek Corinthian pillar to the great conqueror has been erected here in the lawn of Hund Museum.


Late October and early November

Trip Duration: 1 day trip from Islamabad

Category: Archaeological Tourism/ Cultural Tourism/Photography

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